Tutoring Programs Help Dyslexia Children

Dyslexia is one of the most common diseases that affect children. It is a developmental reading disorder. While suffering from this disease, children face difficulties in reading a language, phonological decoding, orthographic coding, processing speed, verbal comprehension, language skills, rapid naming of objects, phonological awareness and short-term auditory memory. Children suffering from this disease can be treated if identified at an early stage. They should also be provided with explicit, intensive and systematic instructions in different areas like phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and reading fluency. If the disease is identified at an early stage and the children are provided with early reading interventions, it can be cured.

Course Material Dyslexia Children
Children suffering from dyslexia should opt for multi-sensory reading program, which teaches phonics, phonemic awareness and required skills for spelling and reading. The course material should be designed in such a way that children get to understand how the English language code works while developing auditory processing skills. The course should also empower parents so that they can support the new skill of their children at home. The more the child will practice the newly developed skills at home, the sooner he/she will be able to read at his/her grade level and thus gain confidence. If a child can adopt the decoding skills faster, it will be easier for him/her to read and comprehend books as well as other learning materials.

Tutoring programs that can help dyslexic children
There are many tutoring programs that can help dyslexic children. Professional tutors trained in helping these children with their reading, writing, and spelling are involved with such programs. The course modules are developed by reading and resource specialists who know how to tutor kids with dyslexia the best way. Some of these tutoring programs even have experts to conduct professional screening and assessment of kids showing symptoms of dyslexia or suffering from a language-based learning problem. Most often, parents are not sure about whether to get their child tested or not. In such cases, these experts can help in proper diagnosis and even suggest the right program to get the kid enrolled into.

Once the root causes of a child's learning problems are diagnosed, some learning centers discuss the same with the family. Based on whether the child needs an intervention or remedial educational plan, experts of the center develop a plan, which takes into account the practical realities of private and public educational systems and includes various speech and language therapies, in addition to some psychological services.

Though learning problems caused by dyslexia don't disappear spontaneously, getting your child enrolled into a personalized tutoring program can surely help in the long run and deliver effective results.

By Michelle Crossley

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